Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Serum

Rs. 549.00 Rs. 699.00
  • Infused with Niacinamide, Our concentrated serum is formulated with watermelon extract (rich in vitamin A & C, niacinamide and zinc PCA.
  • Helps fade the look of acne mark, dark spots and improves skin texture.
  • Helps balance oil production, open pores.
  • Brightens glow while preventing acne.


Packed with protecting vitamins A and C, skin-plumping amino acids, and also the phytonutrient carotenoid. It helps wash, plump, soothe, and treat fine lines and wrinkles.


A powerful nutrient and inhibitor that evens out skin tone, facilitates cutting back the looks of hyperpigmentation/dark spots, soothes skin, brightens dullness, minimizes the looks of pores, and supports the skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid

This holy-grail, high relative molecular mass hydrator contains moisture-binding properties and may hold 1000x its weight in water to reveal supple, bouncy, and visibly plump skin.

Moringa Seed Oil

A non-comedogenic, light-weight breathable oil that contains E to assist hydrate and soothe skin.

Skincare + Makeup Hybrid

The condensate Drops could be a face body fluid for your face to assist deliver glowing skin instantly and over time. This face body fluid helps cut back physiological state or dark spots while not effort a grey solid, revealing glowing skin while not translucent substance, glitter, or pearls.

The Power of Niacinamide

This nutriment and inhibitor facilitate even out skin tone, cut back the looks of hyperpigmentation/dark spots, minimize the looks of pores, and support the skin barrier.

Skin termination association

Amino and nutriment C-packed watermelon intensely hydrates and fights atom harm, mucopolysaccharide instantly quenches thirsty skin, and moringa seed oil contains E to assist in soothing skin.

For a natural glow and brightening serum:

Apply one to 2 drops daily at PM

Apply it before ointment AM

Apply before moisturizer