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    Infusion of tea tree extracts & onion extracts in one oil is known for its goodness to maintain healthy hair and makes them. Its herbal hair oil with non-sticky formulation that can be easily absorbed your hair and roots.


    Tea tree oil is beneficial to nourish your scalp and cleanse it thoroughly. It helps to reduce impurities and maintain clean and hygienic scalp and hair. Enriched with Catechins, it an overall nourishment formula.



    With no harmful chemicals, the natural formulation of the oil helps to nourish hair and adds life to dull and frizzy hair for a beautiful look and smoother feel. The oil fills out the gaps in your hair strand and smoothens their texture.

    About Luxura Sciences

    Luxura Sciences is serving with different health needs, including ayurvedic herbal products. Through powerful formulations and ancient lifestyle tips, they aim to bring balance to your body and life.

    All the herbals natural skincare line, massage oils, aromatherapeutic blends, and teas are all created to restore and maintain a balance where imbalance exists.

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