Luxura Sciences Kumkumadi Tailam 20 ML

  • Acne and Scars: Pimples,Acne is a common skin condition. Kumkumadi Tailam is oil-based preparation but helps in pimples due to the herbal antimicrobial ingredients present in it. It contains saffron, turmeric, sandal, and other herbs help to dry the pimple and prevents the scar formation.
  • Anti-aging Properties : This has anti-aging qualities. It is oil based preparation and helps in the prevention of wrinkles. It makes skin radiant and beautiful. By daily application of this oil, the skin appears firmer and more youthful.
  • Skin Lightening and Fairness : It can make the skin fair by removing hyperpigmentation, blemishes, scars and improving skin tone. It revitalizes and restores radiance to the skin. It reduces lines and wrinkles, fades blemishes, improves skin texture, imparts
  • Natural Moisturizer : Kumkumadi Tailam offers moisturization when applied to the skin. It prevents water loss from the skin and makes it glowing. The herbs present in it works on the skin and makes it glowing. Kumkumadi Tailam nourishes and hydrates the skin, helping to soothe the dry skin.
  • This improves the Dry Skin condition : Kumkumadi Tailam has moisturizing in action. Massaging with 2-3 drops of oil treats the dryness of skin. If you have dry skin it will best suit you.  




This oil contains turmeric & sandalwood essentials, which act as a natural skin toner and can be applied on dark spots for an even skin tone.


The moisturizing extracts in this oil help rejuvenate the skin naturally. It contains lotus root, which has vitamin A and helps in hydrating and moisturizing the skin.


The oil by Luxura Sciences can be used for all the different types of skin tone as it contains natural ingredients. It adds a glowing touch to your skin

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