Luxura Sciences Natural Hair Pack

Rs. 310.00

    Luxura Sciences HERBAL HAIR PACK is 100% Ayurvedic and all the ingredients are natural. It does not contain any chemical based foaming agents or coloring agents Its application gives necessary nutrients to Hair.

    LS HERBAL HAIR PACK helps to moisturize and condition hair, restore luster and bounce, soothe scalp irritation, relieve dandruff, lighten or darken your hair color, provide deep cleansing, or stimulate the scalp to boost hair growth.
    This hair growth hair pack helps controlling hair fall, hair loss and can promote Fresh Hair Growth.
    This hair pack helps combat scalp related problems and conditions like dryness, dandruff etc.
    Hair roots becomes stronger and hair texture improves with regular usage and also works on bald patches by accelerating and promoting new hair growth.



    The Luxura Sciences strengthens your hair and also helps making them soft and healthy. It helps soften your hair.


    The hair powder enhances natural colour of your hair, add shine and lustre to the hair.


    Luxura Sciences hair pack powder deep conditions the hair making it easy to manage.